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New Zealand Fringe Festival 

Fringe is Wellington's cutting edge festival of art, from the edges. It's 23 days of everything you could imagine and things you never would have. We worked with the festival team to produce a range of videos and photos throughout the festival.

Week One

The first week of Fringe was truly a treat. From comedy and dance to live music and acrobat shows, week one had it all. We created this video to showcase the diversity of Fringe and to entice people who wouldn't normally attend such shows, to give it a go. The video was run across various social media platforms and pushed to a large audience in Wellington. 

Week Two

After the success of the week one teaser we wanted to give people a deeper look into what Fringe had on offer. We created this video to do this and we included sound bites from the Director of Fringe as well as one of the highlight artists this year.


Leading up to and throughout Fringe, it was important to keep the festival in the minds of Wellingtonians. We created various pieces of short form video content to keep people engaged and informed. Check out some of these below. 

Hero Video

Highlights from the three weeks of Fringe wrapped up into a video and used to drive the marketing campaign for future Fringe festivals.

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