Art Direction & Photography

HighLight Carnival

HighLight is an interactive light carnival run by the Hutt City Council. In it's second year it attracted over 120,000 people in just one weekend making it one of Wellington's largest events. HighLight challenged us with producing a range of creative photography and video that they could release throughout the 2018 event and also to promote the event for years to come. It was a pleasure to work on such an awesome event with a great team and for a great cause. 

We shot HighLight over 3 successive nights. Following opening night we were challenged with the task of producing a promotional video ready to push out on social media the next day - Here's what we whipped up.

After a successful social media response from the release of the promotional video, the HighLight team saw a heavy increase in the number of attendees on the following nights. The HighLight team were stoked and so were we! We geared up for the remaining nights and put together another video for HighLight covering all aspects of the event. Check it out below.