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Sudima Hotels

Sudima Hotels is a New Zealand hotel brand that is passionate about and committed to delivering environmentally friendly and accessible hotels in New Zealand. We worked in collaboration with Ocean Design to produce a video that showcases the feelings and and emotions Sudima guests might feel during their visit. 

The Production Process

Pre Production

From creative planning, storyboarding, location scouting and finding models, we worked hard during the pre-production phase and ensured everything was prepped perfectly for shoot day.



We shot this project over two days with a small crew including a director, cinematographer and 1st AC. A big thank you to all the Sudima staff and extras who helped out during the shoot. 

Post Production

Postproduction involved cutting, voice over recording, sound mixing and colouring. The comparison image here shows a before and after of the colour grading process - We start with a raw/log image straight from camera and colour each individual scene. The end result is a stylistic and unique looking colour grade. 

Colour grade comparison.png
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